Senior Business Luncheon

The purpose for this event for business leaders to give guidance to our graduating seniors as they embark on an incredible journey leaving high school. There will be questionnaires and conversation starters at each table that will help break the ice for both you and the students. This is a great opportunity for the students to learn the best way to dress for an interview, valuable advice from what you have learned, what businesses look for in employees, and what to expect in a career.

2021 Lunch Dates Coming Soon!

Lunch is provided and there is an optional tour after lunch.

The Maumelle Area Chamber of Commerce gives students and business leaders the opportunity to connect during a catered lunch.  This gives the students the forum to ask you key questions on what companies look for in employees, how to act when they are on the job, life lessons, and so much more. This is a great opportunity to motive and inspire students. For more information contact Theda Mahony​ at or 501-851-9700.


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